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The Lake

Laguna Bacalar is the second largest fresh-water lake in all of Mexico. Over 50km long one side is forested by palms and various hardwoods while the other side is a beautiful wild mangrove marsh. It is fed by freshwater springs from the cenotes and is so clear and clean that it is a fabulous turquoise colour in the shallower areas with different shades of blue arising where the depth is greater. It is known as the "The lake of Seven Colours".

Article on the Laguna's special waters: Yucatan Living.

Activities & Sight Seeing


  • 15 minutes: Bio Maya Zipline & jungle beauty - south of Buenavista, north of Bacalar
  • If Laguna Bacalar isn’t enough for you; you’ll find the area’s dazzling cenotes nearby as well. Cenote Azul is the most famous of them and is only a couple of miles from the center of Bacalar. Restaurant and Bar where you can dive from the roof into the deep blue clear water.
  • Chacchoben Ruins - A walking path touring three excavated and restored pyramids estimated to be about 1,500 years old.
  • Kohunlich Ruins - In the midst of the jungle lies the ruins of an old pre-Columbian Maya civilization.
  • Chinchorro Banks - Coral Atoll Banco Chinchorro is a must for any diver, and is just 18 miles offshore from Xcalak.
  • Los Rapidos Laguna de Bacalar - Xul-ha, 77965 Bacalar. A magical area of the lake, it is necessary to respect the environmental measures so that this paradise remains.

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Nearby Amenities

Buena Vista - 2 minutes

Exiting the gate of Wildlife Lagoon turn left on to HWY 307, 2 minutes away you come to the little village of Buena Vista. On main street entrance in Buena Vista just off main st in front of the school there is a bakery/ Panaderia. two blocks down right-hand side is a clinic, next block right hand side is the Tortilleria, in front of the Tortilleria is a grocery store that sells basic groceries items, chess,sandwich meat ,bread, dairy, canned food, veggies,and snacks, beer & liquor. Next to the store is a stand that sells to go food your typical Mexican food ready to eat (BBQ chicken dinners to go and dinner is done).

The closet restaurant -is d own at the Balneario (the swim beach) in Buenavista has various meals pizza, seafood, sodas, beer, liquor, etc. and is open every day from 9:00AM to 5:00PM “usually” Down the HWY south a two more minutes from Buena Vista The Restaurant "ARIES" is open 24 hours, they sell various meals to go or you can eat there (ok for a quick bite ) and they have a little convinient store that sells odds and ends.

Pedro Santos - 10 minutes

Exiting the gate of Wildlife Lagoon turn RIGHT on to HWY 307 10 minutes down the 307 you will come to Pedro Santos. This is the closest gas station, hardware store, good restaurant, little stores.

Mahahual - 1 hour

Exiting the gate of Wildlife Lagoon turn RIGHT on to HWY 307. Mahaual is just 1 hour away, just past Pedro Santos (watch for the Mahahual turn off). turquoise ocean white sand beaches. Sit down and put your feet in the sand, order your margarita and some great food and look out to the beautiful ocean. Kiosk stands all along the pomade filled with great Mexico souvenirs, have a massage, enjoy spa treatments, snorkel, or walk along the ocean's edge collecting shells and coral. One of the largest coral reefs and most beautiful coral reef in the world. More about Mahaual.

Bacalar - 20 minutes

Exiting the gate of Wildlife Lagoon turn LEFT on to HWY 307 you come to the town of Bacalar endless activities, restaurants, market, kiosk in the square, see the work of local artists or a dance performance What was the life of a pirate like, learn about the lives of the Mayans before Europeans came to the New World? NOTE-Every-Saturday-Morning. Market in Bacalar, Herbs, fruit, veggie’s, fish, Butcher. Read more.

Visit Fort San Felipe, overlooking Laguna Bacalar!

Chetumal - 1 hour

Exiting the gate of Wildlife Lagoon turn LEFT on to HWY 307 you will come to Chetumal. Capital of Quintana Roo, Capital City of Quintana Roo. Maya Culture Museum in the center of town with beautiful artifacts on display. A Large Mall with movie theater. Here there is large grocery stores, a large market, Chedraui, Walmart, Sam's club.

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Belize Border

Exiting the gate of Wildlife Lagoon turn LEFT on to HWY 307, in about 45 minutes you will come to Belize Border (watch for sign just before you enter Chetumal).